Timothy Stark - CEO and Founder

Timothy Stark began his career in meat production in the 1980’s in the heartland of America’s Iowa farming and grazing lands.  Working as a Scaleman, and later, a Production Supervisor, he learned a wide array of food service and leadership abilities that he enjoys fostering in his entire staff today.  By 1990, Mr. Stark was marketing both fresh and frozen pork products to customers throughout the United States. 

He also became responsible for managing the raw material inventory of various packing plants and developing the high standards that are used today.  Facing the increased pressure of a growing market, Tim began firmly focusing on the overall needs of the customers and trying to exceed their expectations.  This became a winning strategy as later he began managing the sales and marketing for Seaboard Farms Inc, in their Shawnee Mission, Kansas headquarters.  Utilizing the needs of customers allowed Tim to help guide the operations plant to maximize production and sales to best of the company. 

By 2000, Tim took all his experience and opened his own trading company.  Sourcing and negotiating for only the best quality meats to meet the needs and surpass the desires of the customers, he grew the business to approx $10 million USD in the first year alone.  Later, expansion to the west coast and exploring the highly specialized markets and technical demands of the Asian clientele allowed CSFD to open offices on both coasts of the United States.

Today, with headquarters in Coral Springs FL and offices in Southern California, the company has almost quadrupled, expanded into new markets and enjoys international markets.

Terry Wilensky - Sales Manager / West Coast Markets

Jorge Castillo - Director of Exports

Born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Jorge Luis Castillo learned the basics of the business world at his grandfather’s hardware store. Jorge began his career in international commerce at Supermercados La Colonia, the biggest supermarket chain in Honduras, when the Imports Department was just developing. Due to his dedication, attention to detail, as well as his communication and quantitative skills, he lead his team in providing customers the best international products available in the market.

He later moved to Madrid, Spain and simultaneously completed his Master’s in International Commerce (Magna Cum Laude from CESMA) and while continuing his career in Import/Export. He returned to Honduras where he managed Kandal, one of the Honduras’s fastest growing retail import businesses. He helped the chain of stores become one of the most recognized and preferred pet boutiques.

Jorge has moved to United States where he worked for a third party logistics company, handling US Exports to Latin America for companies, such as Continental Electric, where he focused on customer success and helping each customer meet their need for US Exports.

Jorge Luis currently lives in Fort Lauderdale with his wife Audrey.